Our Inspiration

When the Hope & Ivy team sat down to brainstorm this brand-new collection, it became immediately apparent that the spectacular falling leaves and pumpkin-spiced magic of autumn was where our inspiration and vision lay.

Whether it’s back to school season or the start of a long countdown to Christmas that you most associate with this time, it’s fair to say that bidding farewell to summer brings a lot of excitement and an opportunity for new beginnings, especially when it comes to finding transitional wardrobe staples that you’ll keep and love forever.

For our designers, it was this joy and anticipation they wanted to capture with these timeless Hope & Ivy creations — effortlessly chic dresses with hand-drawn prints and a colour palette that perfectly encapsulates the beauty of autumn’s burnt umber shades. 

Influenced by vintage classics and the hues of nature, our AW23 collection promises a selection of universally flattering and striking pieces, available in signature Hope & Ivy silhouettes that are guaranteed to have heads turning. If you’re a sucker for blouson sleeves, love to show off your shape, or are a wrap dress-loyalist, we’ve got styles to suit you and your upcoming autumnal occasions. 

Bringing the Collection to Life

We like to believe that Hope & Ivy stands out from the rest for a multitude of reasons, but the in-house design process that takes place for each of our collections is something that’s intrinsic to our brand and its identity. Each of our newly released autumn/winter pieces were devised, drawn, and designed in our East London studio, ensuring that our customers know they’re wearing something entirely unique whenever they step out in their go-to Hope & Ivy creation.

Discussions for this collection began over a year ago, with inspiration taken from nature, weekend trips to thrift stores, and long afternoons delving into our antique archives in search of hidden treasures. Once our designers were full to the brim with ideas, pen was put to paper, with one-of-a-kind illustrations and embroidery brought to life using responsibly sourced materials and refined detailing.

Now it’s finally time for you to experience the collection for yourself and we couldn’t be more excited to see what you think! Which dress will immediately catch your eye, and how will you choose to style it, enjoying it year after year until it becomes your very own vintage piece.

Plus, it’s never too early to start planning for parties as the dark nights draw in. If you’re ready to be the host with the most or have a show-stopping and fashionably late entrance, The Sanne is a simply sublime choice. Made using 100% recycled materials as part of our Responsible Edit, the dark, glamorous base of The Sanne is strewn with rich florals and elevated with a chic knot front.

Whatever you’re looking forward to over the coming months, we’re confident we’ve got the dress you’ve been searching for. Shop our latest AW23 styles now and let us know what you think! 

Hope & Ivy x