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Our Story

Hope & Ivy is a contemporary British fashion brand created by Beth Chilton and Sarah Sleightholm. Epitomised by beautiful embroidery and hand-drawn prints, Hope & Ivy pieces exude confidence and femininity with a bohemian edge.
Beth and Sarah's friendship formed over a mutual love of beautifully crafted dresses, delicate embroidery, rich textures and a shared desire to create amazing, must-have pieces that will take a special place in your wardrobe.
Beth and Sarah travel and explore in an endeavour to bring the richness of the world into their Hope & Ivy collections. From print libraries in New York to embroidery markets in India, the collections are jam-packed with far-flung inspirations and intricate details.
All of the embroideries and prints in the collections have been hand-crafted and overseen by Sarah using artisan techniques. Creating a truly unique collection of dresses, jumpsuits and separates that are made with love.
Hope & Ivy pieces can speak a thousand words, so you don’t have to. The collections are timeless with the soul intention to be cherished and worn time and time again.

Who We Are

Hope & Ivy was established and is now led by Beth Chilton and Sarah Sleightholm. Sarah’s background of designing embroideries and prints for high-profile fashion clients and Beth’s experience of managing and producing fashion brands, work hand in hand with each other to create everything Hope & Ivy.
Beth and Sarah oversee the East London based team made up of a fabulous array of female creatives. All working together sharing ideas, philosophies and a love for beautiful, boutique clothing. They have created a collective culture that cares for one another, the environment and their craft. This is Hope & Ivy’s beating heart and the soul that goes beyond the clothing.

Our Ethos

The Hope & Ivy girl is confident, inspired and creative. The team put heart into creating pieces that make women feel this way. It may be as the best dressed wedding guest, the carefree party girl who takes it from day to night or that one who pulls an effortless look for every summertime social event.
Hope & Ivy brings beautifully rich, soulful and well-crafted pieces straight to your wardrobe. Done with ultimate integrity, by championing inclusivity, sustainability and putting a personal passion into everything they do.
We are Hope & Ivy. We are a boutique occasion wear. We are deeply inspired by the beauty of nature and the craft of embroidery.  And we have one mission - that the women wearing Hope & Ivy experience beautiful moments in the clothes they love - just as much we loved making them yours.
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