The Founders Story

Hope & Ivy is a contemporary British fashion brand created by Beth Chilton and Sarah Sleightholm. Epitomised by beautiful embroidery and hand-drawn prints, Hope & Ivy pieces exude confidence and femininity with a bohemian edge.

Beth's words about sarah

‘I first met Sarah at a previous brand we worked at and we instantly clicked. We both came from fashion backgrounds, me in fashion management and production, and Sarah in design, but it was more than just retail that we had in common.

We went for a wine and hit it off, talking about our shared love of travelling, art and interiors. I massively respect how talented she is; when I first looked through her portfolio I remember thinking how incredible it was. She puts so much into every sketch and creation, and a little piece of her self shines through each design.

That artistic and inventive flair is such a huge part of running a fashion brand, and she always has her finger on the creative pulse. As business partners it’s reassuring to know we’ve always got each other’s back, and we make the decisions together. Strong women supporting and lifting each other up is huge to the handwriting and ethics that Hope & Ivy stands for’.

What are your favourite qualities of Sarah?

‘Aside from her design talents, she’s kind, perceptive to others’ needs, and extremely resourceful. Whether it’s painting a masterpiece on the wall of our office, or creating elaborate floral arrangements for lookbooks, she can always make something amazing out of nothing.’

Sarah’s words about Beth

‘From that first time we worked together I knew I’d found kindred spirit in Beth. She was as passionate as I was for different cultures, film and art, and had a great energy about her. When she suggested starting a boutique brand together, I knew we were a match made in professional heaven.

She has the eye, the experience and the ambition for the ideal business partner, and her lateral thinking is unparalleled.

I can’t believe how many devices she multitasks with daily, phone in one hand, tablet in the other, with a laptop on the go.

As heads of our brand, she’s one of the few people I’ve met in my career that matches my drive and focus. We’re both so determined and put our full energy into everything we do, and this resilience and support of one another is what has shaped and grown Hope & Ivy over the years. It’s our joint labour of love.’

What are your favourite traits of Beth?

‘Apart from being clever, she’s assertive, supportive of others, and full of endless energy. She’s been known to jump off an accounting call, step into an outfit for some social content, whilst checking through fitting alterations back from a pattern master, all in the space of ten minutes. She’s also incredibly funny, especially after a few wines. We do have some shared stories between us, but that would be telling…’

What’s your special place when travelling together?

We travel a lot together! Exploring other cities and countries is top of our shared love list, especially when we’re sourcing shoot locations. Whilst Beth definitely loves the European edge of late night Paris, my heart lies in the exotic culture and inspiration of India.’

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