Get to know Arie & Vine's Jade Schol

A Christmas Q&A...

A Christmas Q&A...

Creating beautiful, bespoke floral installations and botanical art, Arie & Vine, created in 2020 by florist Jade Schol, caught our eyes and captured our hearts immediately when we discovered their stunning designs. Self-taught and holding a huge love for neutral tones and textures, Jade is behind the brand’s most breathtaking creations, and with Christmas now just around the corner, we couldn’t pass on the opportunity to ask her for a few wreath-making tipsand learn more about how she got started on offering her forever flowers!

H&I: You clearly have an eye for detail – where do you gather inspiration for new designs? 

Jade: Thank you, that’s really kind! I adore abstract art, sculptures... anything that involves an intuitive process excites me. Nature is of course my main inspiration and the changing seasons. I’m totally obsessed with autumn - when the leaves fall and the branches are bare, the shapes and textures that autumn provides truly inspire me. 

H&I: Your bouquets feature some incredible dried flowers – what is it that you love so much about working with them? 

Jade: I love working with dried flowers for many reasons, the main one being that they have such a long shelf life - years and years if kept well! Being a full-time mum with two young children, working with dried botanicals means I don’t have to rush to get the best out of the florals like I would with fresh! I think dried flowers are really special, especially for weddings. A beautiful keepsake for sure. I also like that dried flowers are a one-time purchase. I don’t claim to be eco-friendly; I mean I try to be as much as I can, but offering dried designs that can last a lifetime feels great! 

H&I: And what do you enjoy most about your job at this magical time of year? Your Christmas wreaths are spectacular! 

Jade: Thank you so much! Exactly what you said, this time of year for work just feels magical and I get SO excited to plan my Christmas shop. This is my busiest time of year with workshops and Christmas creations, and I love every second of it! I’m beyond lucky to have such a wonderful client base, with so much support for my designs. Ideas are constantly swirling round my mind and I’m forever foraging this time of year, jotting down random ideas and trying to create something totally different - the whole process is just amazing. 

H&I: Tell us more about constructing such intricate pieces – what are your top tips for festive wreaths? 

Jade: My top tip for festive wreaths is to be free! There is no right or wrong way to go about it, so be as creative and wild as you can, and be sure to go out and forage as there is so much nature has to offer at this time of year. My number one tip is simply to enjoy and trust the process. Don’t over think it, just be in the moment and create! 


H&I: Is there a particular design that you’re most proud of? If so, why? 

Jade: Oh my goodness, my favourite design... I think it might be my mantlepiece creations, through the seasons, from spring, summer, autumn and winter. I do feel proud of these creations as the planning process takes me a while, to really think of something totally bespoke and a little bit crazy, because in my eyes... the crazier the better. I always feel so happy with how they turn out, the textures, the colours... all of it! Plus, because they're in my home, my children get to see the designs and are always mesmerised by the flowers which really makes me so happy. I am super excited to create this year's Christmas mantle... Coming soon! 


H&I: Thank you so much for taking the time to sit down with us – we can’t wait to see what you do next!