Royal Ascot

It’s that time of year again, the racing season is upon us!
  The British sporting calendar wouldn’t be the same without the most important horse racing event of the year, Royal Ascot! Yesterday we dressed to impress and made our way to Ascot to spot all the lovely outfits and enjoy a tipple (or two) by the tracks. We may not have been so lucky with our betting odds but we sure did have a lovely time.  Take a look at what we got up to…

So we got up early and put on our Hope & Ivy dresses, both from the Summer 2019 collection. (Anna’s printed red midi will be dropping soon!) We hopped on a train to Ascot from Waterloo and everyone was in high spirits (perhaps because of the bubbles).

We got up nice and early and proudly donned our Hope & Ivy dresses, both from the Summer 2019 collection (Anna’s printed red midi will be dropping soon!). We then hopped on a train to Ascot from Waterloo station. Of course, the race goers’ spirits were high, perhaps that’s something to do with all the early morning bubbles.
Royal Ascot attire is sometime planned months in advance and we were suitably captivated by all the Ascot glam. The men also stepped up to the occasion and were suited and booted with top hats to match. Take a look at this fine-looking bunch by the Royal enclosure! We were seated in the Queen Anne enclosure and had been warned about the strict dress code, however Anna and I still didn’t quite get the gist of it! We had been told that a headpiece or hat had to be worn at all times, naively we thought we’d get away with a beaded headband.  Just when we thought we’d got away with it, we were going through the turnstiles and were told we’d have to purchase a fascinator. After a quick trip to the shop down the road to buy a headpiece each, we finally made it to the festivities with some fancy headgear in tow!

The typical British weather wasn’t at its best, but the Queen Anne enclosure was absolutely gorgeous! Flowers decorated the racecourse and although, we had to deal with our umbrella’s up luckily, the crowd’s spirits were up too!

The Queen made her entrance and took her famous lap around the track as the honorary start to the Royal races. Suddenly, the bets were on, champagne flutes were clinking, and the day was off to fabulous start! Even with a classic sprinkling of British showers, we continued to enjoy the delightful Ascot atmosphere.  We even saw a few lovely ladies wearing some of our dresses! Don't they look gorgeous?

For a quintessentially British day, Ascot is up there with the best. If you’re keen on a good old-fashioned horse race, getting dressed up to the nines or simply fancy soaking up the race day spirit - you are guaranteed a great day out. We’ll definitely be back next year, hopefully with a winning ticket this time!