Weekend in Paris

Hope & Ivy in Paris
In an endeavour for inspiration and a little French break of own, Hope & Ivy headed to the bright lights of Paris!
We’ll let you into a little secret - at Hope & Ivy have a little love affair with Paris and repeatedly return to the city to seek out potential collection inspiration. The beautiful French capital is packed to the brim with a thriving fashion culture. We fill our Parisian escapades by sampling the fabulous vintage treasure troves, world renowned galleries and exquisite dining experiences. This time, we thought it was only fair to share all the exploring, all our favourite places and all the fun we had over our, short but sweet, break in the city. Check out the Hope & Ivy guide to Paris….

Les Baines Douches

As Paris is just a short plane or Eurostar journey away, we were there in no time at all and promptly checked in to our hotel; the all new – Les Baines. You might have heard of Les Baines Douches as Paris’ answer to Studio 54. From the 70s to 90s, this renowned nightclub saw many a cultural icon pass through its doors. Icons of the time, Joy Division and Depeche Mode, recorded material in the basement and celebrities, rock stars, models and fashion designers all partied in Les Baines Douches. With its infamous indoor pool and reputation as the hotspot for the fashion worlds debauchery, it was the place to be in Paris.


David Bowie and Iman and Naomi Campbell and Kristen McMenamy snapped in the nightclub in the early 1990s.
Both images sourced from pinterest

With a catalogue of stars as vintage dwellers to the venue, we were so keen to stay in the brand-new hotel that stands in the nightclub’s place. A homage to the glamour of Les Baines Douches glory days – the all new Les Baines definitely doesn’t disappoint! The gorgeous interior incorporates lavish French touches and funky reminders of the landmarks partying past. Les Baines history and beautiful inside had us in awe. The terrace was a floral fanatic’s haven – it’s as if they knew Hope & Ivy were coming!

The Roxo Restaurant and Bar


The terrace
All images sourced https://lesbains-paris.com


Our Vintage Pursuit

Gems of the eras past frequently inspire our collections and seeking them out is one of our favourite past times.  Paris’ history of culture, art and fashion makes it the perfect place to hunt down vintage treasures. Obviously, we had a few stops on our list! Our first stop was Dépôt Vente Luxe Passy. This sweet find specialises in French vintage handbags such as Chanel and Hermes. Secondly, we visited the gorgeous Lorette & Jasmin - this is a fashion fans gold mine. The boutique is a hotspot for Parisian’s who want to trade in old designer garments. The vintage corner sells a number of high-end, vintage designer items and even offers a handbag rental service.  Réciproque was next on the list – this quaint place was chocka-block with luxury items and one-off vintage pieces. We ended our journey at By Flowers that offered a unique range of vintage items at very reasonable prices.



After a wonderful day of riffling through all of Paris’ beautiful boutiques, we walked away with some absolute treats. Among them were fascinating florals, 80s structured shoulders, 70s folk dresses and just some little goodies for ourselves. We even grabbed a steal with a $10 dress! For even more vintage chaos, Paris has a number of flea markets across the city. Scouring these had our creative juices well and truly flowing – there is nothing quite like French antiques. Sparkling embellishment, delicate embroidery, sumptuous silk and vintage French lace - we are ready to add a flourish of France into our future collections – Watch this space! 


Food for Shopping

After our extensive and immersive dive into Paris’ world of vintage, we treated ourselves to a visit to one of our favourite Paris eateries – Poulette. The restaurant has gorgeous tiled interior, dramatic high-ceilings, glamorous mirrors, vintage table settings and intricate details throughout. Not to mention, a French bistro menu too die for! This gorgeous spot offers a fantastic array of food to suitably refuel after days of exploring and a great wine list to pick from too. 


Check out @pouletterestaurant Instagram for more information 


Our next pit stop on the trip was the beautiful Pink Mamma! Although, it means cheating on the French for a bit of Italian cuisine, this place is one of our go to spots. Of course, it captures all things Hope & Ivy, with insane floral decorations placed in abundance across the pergola style location. Oozing with Parisian charm and offering a menu of mouth-watering pastas and pizzas – Pink Mamma has it all!


@pinkmamma_paris their Instagram game is flawless too




In the words of Audrey Hepburn “Paris is always a good idea” – simply, walking down the street in Paris fills us with inspiration and creativity. Our Hope & Ivy guide is just the beginning of the delights to be explored in the magical city of Paris. If you fancy a foray in the city of love, we hope this guide enriches your trip and if you’re stuck on cracking the Parisian wardrobe have plenty of beautiful pieces available on our site -perfect for a romantic rendezvous. Take a look at www.hopeandivy.com