The Essence of Spring

Our Spring '24 Collection

Floral Awakening

At Hope & Ivy, we try not to have favourites, but cannot help but have a soft spot in our hearts for the season of spring and the yearly collections we release during these months of rebirth and renewal. Our spring collections are often our largest, and the creation of each and every dress involves months of hard work, whether that be finding that initial spark of inspiration, or threading the final beads and buttons. 

When the design team sat down to discuss their hopes and dreams for Spring ‘24, surrounded by a treasure trove of incredible vintage textiles, they realised so much of their love for this season stems from quintessential images of British springtime and the endless and ever-changing beauty of nature as the months go by. 

With this in mind, The Essence of Spring collection was born – a love letter to all things floral with an abundance of fresh, hand-designed prints, beautiful, botanical embroidery and exceptional embellished details. 

Designing The Collection

As always, designing for The Essence of Spring collection meant many trips to vintage markets, afternoons spent perusing the timeless antiques and artefacts of the V&A, and an incredible excursion to the South of France for Hope & Ivy co-founders Beth and Sarah.

When working with spring florals, creating a collection that’s as new and exciting as this transformative time of year is always a long and carefully planned process, but as pen was put to paper, the intricate, entwining blossoms of our Spring '24 collection began to take shape. 

Complete with a palette of beautiful blues, greens, pinks, and luscious lilacs, The Essence of Spring collection marries together the classic Hope & Ivy silhouettes you know and love with brand-new floral prints. Simply stunning embroidery and embellishments have been painstakingly crafted by our artisans for creations that we hope will help you feel your very best at every seasonal occasion.

Our Spring Shoot in Nîmes

When it came to planning the shoot, our ever-growing love and appreciation for the rich history, quaint streets, and gorgeous greenery of southern France meant the city of Nîmes was top on our list.

The team jetted off on a balmy morning in June to capture the magic of the new collection, bathed in glowing sunlight. With the beautiful Sophie on hand to model, the day was simply a dream come true.

What a pleasure it is now to see the delicate embroidery once imagined brought to life. Ready to help you shine and bring a special touch to all your seasonal occasions, The Essence of Spring collection is finally here!